All of our Learning Boards have been designed by experienced Reception teachers.  


The 'My first reading and writing words' Board is based on phonics and is used to introduce your child to reading, and then writing.   The Board includes three letter words that use each of the vowels as the middle letters.  The words are constructed by reading the phonic of each individual letter.  The Board includes a few four letter words that follows exactly the same phonics principle. They are targeted at pre-school and Early Years children. The method used at primary schools is to get the child to identify the picture, e.g cat, and then for you to look at the word and spell out each individual letter, saying the phonic sound, (so a c is 'cu', not 'see').  The three sounds put together make the word: c  a  t spells cat. As the child develops their writing ability, (see out letter writing card to help with this), they can then copy the written word.  Once they have mastered that, you can cover the written word and develop the child's ability to write the word from the picture alone. 


The Boards are A4 in size, printed on premium 210gsm white card and laminated using heavy duty 250 micron laminating pouches, making them very durable and reuseable over and over again. 


All Boards come with a FREE sheet of stickers AND a FREE black dry-wipe pen.  

First reading and writing Words

  • These powerful educational resources help develop learning skills and promotes communication. 

    MOglie's Educational Boards are printed using the official font that is used in UK primary schools.  This font shows the correct letter formation for t, f and k and the correct shape for the numbers, such as 2 and 4.   Each letter and number has a large dot to show where to start.