Make Potty or Toilet Training fun and rewarding with this beautiful and bright STAR CHART.  A4 Glossy laminated and personalised with your child's name AND with FREE star stickers and a dry-wipe pen included.


A brilliant way to help your little one with starting to use the potty or toilet. 


Once you start Potty or Toilet Training, it is recommended that you try to be consistent with your routine.  So if your child goes to a nursery or somewhere other than home during the day, you should consider getting two charts.  Then wherever they are, they will get the same Potty Training experience.  This has been proven to help enormously with the training. 


The Charts are available in blue, green or pink.

There are five sections on the Chart that stars can be awarded for.  


For the Potty Chart they are:

  • Wearing pants 

  • Asking to use the potty

  • Doing a wee

  • Doing a poo 

  • Washing hands.


For the Toilet training star Charts they are:
  • Asking to use the toilet

  • Doing a wee

  • Doing a poo 

  • Washing hands

  • Stayed dry all day

Each time your boy or girl completes a task, they can celebrate by popping a star sticker in one of the boxes. Once filled, the stickers can be peeled off and a fresh set used.

At MOglie, we use state-of-the-art commercial digital printers to guarantee the highest quality products. 

Potty or Toilet Training Reward Chart - Dug

  • PERSONALISED Potty or Toilet Training Reward Chart.

    Every Chart comes with a sheet of star stickers AND a dry wipe pen.

    Make Potty or Toilet Training fun and exciting with stickers and your child's favourite characters.

    Rewards are proven to help and every child loves to collect stickers, so there's no better way to nurture your little one and encourage them in this key developmental stage of their young lives.  

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