Starting Potty and Toilet training with your little one does not have to be a daunting prospect.  At MOglie, we have worked hard to make sure you can get everything you need to make the whole experience rewarding, engaging and even fun.  


The MOglie Potty and Toilet Training set comes with everything you need for complete success on this milestone journey; a Potty, Toilet Training Seat, Step Stool and personalised motivational Reward Charts with your little one’s favourite characters.


The MOglie Potty is simple and lightweight. Designed with a wide base, it offers a supportive and comfortable seat for your toddler.  It has a convenient hand hold at the back making it easy to move around your home, ensuring it is always to hand.


When your little one is ready to move to the toilet, help make it a simple and easy transition with our MOglie Toilet Training Seat. Designed to fit over a standard toilet seat, it can be easily removed when it's not needed. Anti-slip edges ensure the seat grips to the toilet, making the experience really comfortable and stable for little ones, which helps to boost their confidence.


Every household with small children needs a MOglie Step Stool, so they can reach the toilet independently, or the sink for handwashing. Toddler Step Stools also encourage independence across a number of other activities.   The MOglie Step Stool features anti-slip rubber edges to ensure it grips to the floor, providing complete safety and stability.


All three products are very sturdy  and come in the same star design, providing continuity and familiarity for your little one every step of the way.


Rewards are proven to help and MOglie Potty and Toilet Training Star Charts make it fun and exciting for your child.   Each time your boy or girl completes a task, they can celebrate by popping a star sticker in one of the boxes.  With this full set, you will get personalised Potty and Toilet Charts with your choice of design.

Potty & Toilet Training Set

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